Consulting works with the world’s leading organizations to create and protect the sustainable value of their business.

Governance and Organizational Development

Good governance is a discipline for providing oversight, and making and implementing informed decisions. We understand that the road to good governance is a journey and that no two Boards are ever at the same point in that journey. With this in mind, we customize our programs to your business, ensuring your needs are truly understood and a program is implemented that will optimize long term effectiveness. Our organizational development advisory services include identifying, developing, and implementing strategic, operational and financial improvement initiatives that significantly reduce costs and increase revenues. Potential areas to apply corporate restructuring strategies for organizational development include crisis management, communications programs, and performance improvement. Dahlan consultants help bring clarity and laser focus to your Board’s challenges. Hiring Dahlan Management Consultants for governance and organizational development services can mitigate internal issues and allow your Board to focus on what’s really important, which is developing an effective and efficient system that is focused on increasing your organization’s transparency, accountability, and growth.

Feasibility and Market Study

One of the most important factors when establishing any new project or introducing new product or service is to conduct a feasibility study, which will determine the feasibility of establishing such project, and therefore this study is considered to be a very critical step that will determine the destiny of the capital or investment. Feasibility and market studies are often used to provide a quick initial low cost, low profit assessment of a potential project. They are often the first rung on the project development ladder. Usually there is no specific set format, with reports varying according to buyer needs and supplier custom. We are very careful in accepting any feasibility study projects unless we are positive of our capability to give the right results During the previous period, our office used to conduct a lot of feasibility studies for clients who acquired investment loans and partnerships based on the feasibility study results. The result proved to be very accurate in later stages. Dahlan Management Consulting can put a team of experts together and tailor feasibility studies to suit your needs, timeframes and budget.

Talent and HR Development

Dahlan Management Consultants are pioneers in establishing and reorganizing a robust Human Resource System or developing it to achieve a standard. In most organizations, there exists opportunities to make an organization better by implementing various practices in the HR System or altogether implement an effective HR system. By doing so, the company will be able to positively affect the output and efficiency of an organization.  Dahlan Management Consultants provide training to the staff on a variety of topics and skills. Dahlan trainers are experienced and committed to providing quality training, talent and HR Development sessions and programs to meet the needs of the industry professionals. DMC also seeks to improve personal competence, communication, time and people management with our effective soft skills training solutions that offers a wide range of training flexible to the needs of the client.

Excellence Model (EFQM)

EFQM Excellence Model provides a holistic view of the organisation and it can be used to determine how these different methods fit together and complement each other.  The Model can therefore be used in conjunction with any number of these tools, based on the needs and function of the organisation, as an overarching framework for developing sustainable excellence. Excellent organisations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders.  The EFQM Excellence Model allows people to understand the cause-and-effect relationships between what their organisation does and the Results it achieves.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Implementing QMS ISO 9001 helps improve overall efficiency and productivity while boosting employee morale. A part of the ISO 9000 family of standards, ISO 9001 defines requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). Organizations comply with standards like ISO 9001 to showcase their competence in offering products and services of good quality and comply with the government’s laws and regulations. One of the main requirements of ISO 9001 is “continuous improvement”. It refers to continuously tracking and improving an organization’s products, processes, services, and satisfaction levels. It also refers to the continuous improvement of the organization’s QMS. Getting certified in ISO 9001 involves preparing an organization for certification, performing an internal audit, and, lastly, performing an external audit. This external auditor will be an accredited certifier or registrar who audits the QMS against ISO 9001 specified requirements. It is a comprehensive check of the QMS that the organization implements.

ISO 27001 Information Security System

An ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a management system based on a systematic business risk approach to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve information security. It is an organizational approach to information security. Most companies are vulnerable to threats from outside parties. It is important to secure your system by implementing all controls required by the ISO 27001 Standard. Certification guarantees peace of mind against any malicious threats of hackers entering into your system and stealing valuable information and financial data. Dahlan Management Consulting provides assistance in the implementation of ISO 27001 frame work With a team of experienced information security professionals who are also ISO 27001 certified Lead Implementers and Auditors, we have an in depth understanding of the standard. Our implementation strategy is based on a step-by-step approach depending on the company needs

ISO 20000 IT Services Management System

ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT Service Management ( ITSM ), published by ISO ( the International Organization for Standardization) and the International Electoral Commission. ISO 20000 IT service management (ITSM) is a discipline for managing Information Technology (IT) systems, from the customer’s perspective of IT’s contribution to the business. ITSM stands in deliberate contrast to technology-cantered approaches to IT management and business interaction. ISO 20000 is primarily concerned with the areas of Service Support and Service Delivery of the Information Technology function. The three key objectives are: - To align IT services with the current and future needs of the business and its customers. - To improve the quality of the IT services delivered. - To reduce the long-term cost of service provision. ISO 20000 is heavily based upon the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It provides a framework that defines a set of inter-related service management processes essential for the delivery of high-quality services that satisfy the business and customer requirements. DMC provides implementation support for the ISO 20000 standard based on the following methodology: Gap Analysis - Awareness - Training - Implementation - Support

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 is the Business Continuity Management System standard. Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has been developed to protect companies from the risks associated with downtime which can occur due to unexpected disruptions or disasters. Disruptions to your business can result in revenue loss, data risk breakdowns and failure to deliver normal client services as per service level agreements (SLAs).ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems certification will guide a company on how best to plan for such eventualities. The ISO 22301 BCM standard is designed to ensure that a robust business continuity management system has been established, and that internal staff members are fully aware of their role within the system should an incident occur. Dahlan Management Consultants employ business continuity management experts which will save you hours of uncertainty and trial and error, providing your organization with the core competence and support you need to implement a business continuity management system (BCMS) and achieve ISO 22301 certification in the shortest time frame possible.


IT is a systematic approach to be used in food production to ensure food safety. It requires hazards analysis and the assessment of risks associated with all aspects of food production from growing to consumption. ISO 22000 certification is applicable to food manufacturers, caters and hotel industry. A ISO 22000 consultants, DMC helps the clients in changing the company’s approach from retroactive quality testing to a preventive way of thinking to get the best out of food safety management system (FSMS). DMC conducts many projects to establish and set up the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for a variety of food manufacturing and processing companies, our unique value added to companies increases food safety in all consulted companies. Makkah Municipality has recognized us as a food safety inspector for the regional restaurants and for Hajj food inspection.   

ISO 14001 (EMS) / ISO 45001 (OH&S).

ISO14001 was developed as an International Environmental Management System (EMS), to be adopted by companies to achieve better environmental management. One of the major problems faced by Industries these days are the environmental problems, where many Industries don’t take into account the environmental aspect during the design stage of the plant which results in many environmental problems and being subjected to shut down by the government due to environmental violations. ISO 45001 has been developed to be compatible with the ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) managements systems standards, in order to facilitate the integration of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems by organizations, should they wish to do so. ISO 45001 specification gives requirements for an organization to occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, to enable an organization to control its OH&S risks and improve its performance. Dahlan Management Consulting gives great attention to this aspect and has consulted many companies of variable proportions from different industrial, chemical and medical sectors. An integrated management system (IMS) combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations. Quality, Environmental and Safety management systems are often combined and managed as an IMS. After gathering decades of experience, Dahlan Management Consulting is committed to provide a functioning Integrated Management System or individual ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 systems tailored to the organization needs.